Sunday, August 22, 2004

Republican Reality test

The official Republican Trivia test, 2004 edition. In honor of the New York Republican convention.

Sponsored by "Librarians for the Truth."

Answer as honestly as you can.
None of the correct answers have the name "Clinton" inside.

1. Who won the popular vote for President in the 2000 election?

2. How many Iraqis were on the planes that flew into buildings on September 11?

3. How many times has George W. Bush been arrested?

4. Essay question: Given that there were thousands of American families dealing with grief in the days following September 11, why were relatives of Osama Bin Laden and other Saudi's given special treatment and flown back to their homeland?

5. How many Americans have been killed in Iraq since Bush dared his enemies - "Bring them on?"

6. How many weapons of mass destruction have been found in Iraq since we liberated them?

7. What happened to the higher-scoring applicant to the Texas National Guard who was denied entry because George W. Bush was allowed in?

8. Why were air quality tests following September 11 hidden from the public, and substituted with misinformation that the air was fine?

9. What were Dick Cheney's "Other Priorities" that kept him from serving in Vietnam?

10. Of the 3 major candidates in the 2004 election, which one would most likely be supported by members of the Ku Klux Klan?

11. Is Bush's desire to find the person who outed Ambassador Wilson's wife as a CIA operative more intense or less intense than O.J.'s quest to find the real killer? Has he called Robert Novak into his office and asked him who did it?

12. Vice President Cheney spent a lot of effort to keep America from knowing who met with him about energy policy in 2001. Can you name an energy corporation executive whose presence on this committee might be embarrassing for the administration?

13. What percent of Iraqis view us as liberators and what percent think of us as a hostile invasion force?

"That felt good."

Richard Cheney

Friday, August 13, 2004

Fun with Lexis

Searching major papers for the last 6 months:

Reagan in Headline and first paragraph and prosperity in the text of the article: 164 hits
Reagan in Headline and first paragraph and market crash in the text of the article: 14 hits

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Chapter 1 - August 12, 2004

I am the only one who has noticed lately that the terms "Conservative" and "Liberal" have lost all of their meaning. These days, "Conservative" means anything that a Republican does and "Liberal" means anything that a Democrat does. Sometimes this gets into pretty murky waters to say the least. Earlier this year, Arnold Schwarzenegger rode into the office partly on rage over Gov. Davis' decision to allow illegal aliens to get driver's licenses. So that's the "Conservative" position - right? A scant few months later, Bush declared that all illegal aliens in the nation should not only get driver's licenses, but should be able to buy into Social Security. Another "Conservative" position from times past was that you don't spend money you don't have. Now the national surplus has turned into a huge deficit to finance Bush's misadventures in Iraq. America in 2004 is a comedy co-written by Bill O'Reilly and George Orwell.