Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ich fergessen

When Romney was a teenager he led an attack on a fellow student that was so egregious that it haunted all of the other participants for decades. However, the chief perpetrator here doesn't remember a thing about it. When he finally got around to talking about it he was giggling. Anyone who has ever been the bullied party would not get a laugh out of an act that could well be considered domestic terrorism. There are different rules for the rich and privileged.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Just taking a few seconds out to coin this nickname in Google. As a died in the wool Democrat, the game we play is "Which Republican would make you less suicidal if he won?" My problem with Romney is that he reminds me of an animated Ken doll. Every time he opens his mouth it reminds you of the time George Bush Sr. went shopping at Penney's so he could pretend to be normal for the cameras. Phoniness just flows out like artificial honey. Then there is Gingrich who I absolutely despise. Santorum is scary because he absolutely believes this nonsense. As for Ron Paul - thanks for being against the wars like me. Sorry you feel the way you do about minorities. Stay healthy, Obama.