Sunday, November 19, 2006

All politics is local

I've had a problem with what to do with this blog. I can't go on being a thorn in Karl Rove's side because America has finally awoken. And, honestly, I can't take any credit for the victory because this blog was hardly looked at. So now I will turn my focus to New York where I live and Connecticut where I work. Will I find enough stupidity to justify the title? I think so. I'll start off with my favorite example. A major subway stop in the 4-5-6 line on Lexington Avenue has an escalator that must be 100 feet underground. When riding up one day I heard the announcement "This escalator is for subway passengers only." Sounds fine, but given the fact that you must be a subway passenger to be there (or a nocturnal animal), I wondered what situation made this announcment necessary.

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