Saturday, March 24, 2007

I'm irritated - 2

I'm irritated with Volvo. The other night I was watching television and saw a commercial from Volvo, selling SUVs. As the announcer was purring "Safety for you, safety for your little ones" they showed the planet-destroying monstrosity zooming down empty roads, on the LEFT side. Umm, here in America it's proper to drive on the right side, but they are marketing these things to idiots, with the subtle message "Buy our SUV and you can just mow down anything in your path. None of the rules of society or human civilization apply to you."


mike said...

President Cheney will even give you a tax break for burning more gas than a consumer needs to. That will make more money available for his crony contributor's salaries and less money for the bureaucrats to get their hands, on least they waste it on feeding the hungry.

(What alternate energy program? F-it, pass the tv remote.)

TheElementary said...

Only a handful of people noticed that, which is very sad- but at least you did. There's hope.
Good post. Just found this blog through browsing.

mike said...

Do you think McCain would want to extend that tax credit?

I doubts it. Mac is going to be the bain of the neocons. Lets hope so, anyway

(....that is, if he gets elected, which i'm doubting, unless america's racist side shines through - lets hope Not.)